Who is TypTap?

So, who is TypTap you’re wondering? TypTap is Florida’s FIRST admitted, Private Market stand-alone flood insurance carrier. It’s a mouthful, we know. It’s fancy words for: TypTap is the first admitted alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for flood insurance. TypTap believes in providing quality flood insurance without the hassle. Simplicity. Fairness. Choice. These are just three of the many benefits that set TypTap apart from the crowd when it comes to flood insurance. Historically, getting flood insurance through the NFIP or through write-your-own flood carriers has involved pages of underwriting questions to answer, elevation certificates to interpret and submit, and a 30-day waiting period for coverage to take effect. Is it time to think differently? We felt the NFIP process was a problem so, TypTap is here to be the solution. “A quote in seconds, a policy in minutes” is not just our mission, it is how we do flood insurance differently. Here’s how we changed the game: SIMPLICITY We only ask two underwriting questions. Not two pages, not two hours… just two questions that take a few seconds to answer! To start, enter an address on the home screen. Question 1- How many months of the year is the home occupied. Question 2- How many prior floods claims has the property had? We have collected underwriting data on every single-family home in Florida so we don’t waste time by asking unnecessary questions about elevation, foundations, or distance-to-coast. We’ve already spent the time researching that information. Speaking of distance-to-coast; we don’t limit the ability to buy a policy based on location. Beach front in the sand? No problem, let’s get that policy! FAIRNESS TypTap does not have a 30-day waiting period, no elevation certificate is required, and there is no surcharge based on the home’s occupancy. We know price and coverage matter and we strive to offer insurance solutions that work. CHOICE A TypTap flood policy is full of customizable options to tailor the policy to your exact needs. Not only is our maximum building limit of $500,000 double the amount the NFIP offers, but we also offer contents coverage on a replacement cost basis, making us completely unique in the flood insurance world. Call us crazy, but we think everyone should get the full value of their stuff! The icing on top of this flood insurance cake is that TypTap is an admitted, private market carrier in the state of Florida. We work with agencies all around the state to bring quality flood insurance to our policyholders. The world’s largest reinsurance partner also backs us which allows us to offer reliable, effective, and secure stand-alone flood insurance. We are A-Rated by Demotech, Inc and we are proud to be your answer to flood insurance. Visit typtap.com for more information and be sure to reach out to your trusted agent today for a fast and fair quote.