Preparing the outside of your home ahead of storm season.

Justine Hilton and Jodi Kelley from TypTap give policyholder tips on preparing the outside of your home ahead of storm season.

Since we’re all spending more time at home these days because of COVID-19, we think it’s a good time to look around and take stock of the security and safety of your home. 

As we head into hurricane season which runs June 1 through November 30, we want to start thinking about steps we can take to prepare. Maybe you can start with some basic foliage trimming around your house; make sure powerlines are free of branches and trees are cut back too. Maybe now would be a good time to have a professional tree trimmer come out if you have a lot of cutting back to do. It’s also important to clear gutters and make sure storm water runoff is directed away from the home.  

Storm shutter installation is always a big task. Now would be a good time to contact your local handyman or a neighbor that helps you put up storm shutters – because for most people that is definitely a two-person job! Ask them if they are willing to help you this year and are you willing to help them? We are all doing more for our neighbors these days and it’s just another reason to check in with them.

If you’ve made any additions or improvements to your home since the last hurricane season, you’ll want to check in with your insurance agent. Maybe you added a pool or a porch since last year. Contact your agent now – not days before a hurricane. That’s not really an ideal time for anyone.