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Who is TypTap?

About TypTap Insurance

  • Focus on ease of use with a proven and innovative technology platform
  • “A” Rated by Demotech, Inc.
  • Backed by A.M. Best A+ rated reinsurance partners
  • Product distribution through partner agents across the United States
  • Division of HCI, Group, Inc., a publicly traded company (NYSE: HCI)

TypTap Flood Highlights

You can’t waterproof your home, but you can have peace of mind knowing it’s protected.

TypTap offers a competitive alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program with many key benefits, including the ability to customize coverage based on your priorities.

  • Admitted, Private Market Flood Insurance
  • Available in all flood zones A, V & X
  • Rates up to 75% more competitive than the NFIP
  • Customizable coverage that meets and exceeds mortgage requirements.
  • Payment plans available
  • No 30-day waiting period
  • No Elevation Certificate Required
  • Flood Quotes in 30 Seconds
Current Open Counties for Flood:

Reinsurance & Financial Stability

To protect its policyholders, TypTap maintains substantial reserves and secures reinsurance through the world’s largest global reinsurance group, which carries an A.M. Best A+ rating. TypTap meets or exceeds all insurance regulatory requirements and has been awarded an “A”, Exceptional Financial Stability Rating® by Demotech, Inc., a leading financial analysis firm.

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