Covid 19


We at HCI Group continue to work hard on our policyholders’ behalf, while taking steps to protect our team and communities against COVID-19. We are monitoring the daily changes in the economic crisis, and we’d like to offer assurances to our TypTap policyholders that we understand there will be challenging days ahead. This is a situation that is evolving quickly.

Like all of you, we are monitoring the latest news about the coronavirus and adjusting our daily activities to reduce the possibility of spreading the coronavirus.

As an InsurTech company, we’ve been able to seamlessly move to a work-from-home model, which has allowed us to keep serving our customers with no interruptions.

We’re working with our insurance customers and insurance agent partners during these challenging economic times, and we want to do everything we can as we work together to get through this crisis. If you have any questions about your business with us or want to know how we can be of help, please contact us.